LYNKO for Partner Institutions

As a LanguageCert Approved Test Centre LYNKO academy is on its mission to enter into partnerships with educational and business institutions to support our partners in various ways.

Our role as an exam centre does not close at exam delivery. We are here to support schools, language schools, universities and businesses by, among others, providing with training opportunities for the teaching staff and students of our partner institutions in a form of workshops and short training courses. We also provide counseling in terms of language qualification choice and we deliver the exams in one of three forms - online, paper or computer-based at our centre or on our partners' premises, with partnership discounts.

We also provide our partners with tools for level assessment, such as CEPT (Cambridge English Placement Test) for their students or employees (for companies) that serve to counsel them better in terms of language qualification opportunities.

Language Schools and Institutes

We work with Language Schools and Institutes providing them with exam preparation support in a form of our Video Courses and Exam Workshops. Given the fact that we specialize in exam preparation, not in teaching the language itself, Language Schools can focus on what they do best - teaching the language, relying on us in terms of pure exam preparation, which is what we do best.

As LanguageCert exams are relatively new for most Language Schools and Institutes, we also deliver real-time exam workshops on request for teaching staff as well as students allowing them to clarify any doubts they may have.

After two exam sessions with minimum of 6 candidates enrolled a language school or an institute becomes an official certified partner of LYNKO academy 7506 Test Centre and as such qualifies for exam discounts and access to our video courses for the school and teaching staff.

Schools and Universities

LYNKO academy provides schools and universities with English exams preparation courses in a form of our own video courses and/or real-time classes, concluded with the exam of a suitable level.

Depending on the level of education, we provide schools with online or paper/computer-based solutions. For elementary schools, for pupils aged 7-10/11, we organize Young Learner Exams (Pre-A1 Fox and A1 Owl available only as paper-based exams) at their schools. For older students or higher level exams than A1 (A1-B1 levels) we also suggest a paper-based exam at their school, however, the older the students are, the more of them opt for an online exam. It is a common choice among high school students.

Higher education institutes opt for online exams, which tend to replace a university exam usually at B1, B2 or C1 level that students of different courses must take before they graduate. This solution is usually a more economical option in financial and quality terms. After all, LanguageCert qualifications are never-expiring worldwide recognized qualification and the most objective skill assessment possible - much more reliable and objective than an exam run by teachers working with students for a year or more.

General and "Office" English as in-company Training concluded with an official exam

LYNKO academy provides companies with English training courses and LanguageCert online exams.

Training courses can have two forms: Video Courses and real-time online English training of General and/or "Office"/Business English at all levels of advancement.

Frequently our Clients opt for a combination of these two forms - our Video Courses preparing for a chosen exam supported by real-time online learning sessions.

Moreover, we provide language assessment support for the recruitment and career development purposes, providing our Clients with reliable and accurate tools for level assessment in a form of a Cambridge English Placement Test (CEPT), Cambridge Linguaskill modular exam (Listening & Reading module serves the role perfectly) or LanguageCert Test of English (LTE) modular exam.

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