What we do and why

Undoubtedly, English has become a global language, hence, good English is indispensable nowadays.

However, the way English is usually taught isn't appropriate for modern times. Students are usually told what to memorize and how they will be assessed instead of how to learn and how to put knowledge in practice. Moreover, more often than not, learners are fed with the ideas that learning a language is a big deal and takes years to happen. Probably for this reason the school programmes stretch simple language issues for years. On top of that, in many countries, speaking skills are thought to come at the end of the learning process. As a result, many learners never speak and continue completing workbooks.


Our MISSION is to make a change in the way languages are taught by shifting misleading ideas about learning languages, and not only languages, providing as many learners of English as possible with tools to help them to study better and, above all, to achieve their goals, which normally reach much further than just to speak English well.


LYNKO is an educational group present physically in Portugal and Poland but thanks to technology in many different countries as well. It consists of two sub-brands – LYNKO academy working with adult learners, and LYNKO junior created for young learners from 2 to 16 years of age. LYNKO junior specializes in unconventional classes and activities set in English environment for children and teenagers, providing young learners with the opportunity to experience English in different ways than in the classroom. Among others kids may take up meditation and mindfulness classes, speed reading courses or Sensoplastyka ("senso-arts") and Expressive Arts.

Simultaneously, LYNKO academy is a LanguageCert Accredited Exam Centre in Poland and in Portugal, which allows us to organize various types of exams for our students and other learners of English. Among the exams on offer, there are IESOL exams (A1-C2) working for academic and general purposes, LanguageCert Academic - for academic purposes, LanguageCert Test of English (LTE) being a multi-level exam perfect for professional purposes, as well as tests and exams for children Young Learners exams - Pre-A1 Fox and A1 Owl and teenagers - ESOL for Schools suite.

Apart from that, we help to prepare for exams required for visa application - SELT exams, that is LanguageCert Academic SELT, LanguageCert General SELT and ESOL A1-B1 2-skill SELT exams.

Shift your attitude

How many of us start to study English thinking that we'll never make it? We all know so many people who studied for years and they're incapable of using English on holidays, not to mention study or work in English. Isn't it the main reason why so many learners actually don't make it? Remembering their failures at school, counting numbers of years they've been studying with virtually no effect don't help either. Unfortunately, we learn at school that what is difficult is more rewarded, and perhaps that's the reason why school programmes and language school courses stretch for years what could be taught in months, with the right attitude. Why achieving something easily isn't valued as much?

Do it differently

What differs LYNKO academy from language schools and learning platforms is that our main goal is to help our learners to change their beliefs on language learning, breaking free from misleading beliefs that learning languages isn’t for everyone and that it must take years. As a result we lead students to faster results and ultimate success, proven by an internationally recognized language certificate.

Hence, we're not going to teach you vocabulary lists, we'll rather teach you how to learn it on your own, after we've helped you to believe you're capable of doing it.

When you begin learning something, you need to go for it with an open mind but also with the belief you can make it. Unfortunately, many language schools take advantage of students' self-doubt making them believe that learning English must take long years and a lot of effort. In LYNKO academy we believe that the most important part of learning the language is the shift in your attitude from 'no can do' to 'yes, I can'. In order to achieve it, we teach our students simple meditation practices helping to replace their old beliefs about learning, boosting their focus and memory, making learning process easier, more productive and fun.

All our video exams preparation courses contain a bunch of exercises going beyond language teaching, with the clear guidance on how to make the most of them. We also suggest and share exercises and practices created by others that we believe could be helpful to achieve your goals.

Why English?

In the last three decades English has become a global language. It's difficult to imagine living without it, unless you're ready to spend your life in your own country, never going abroad as even on holidays English seems to be indispensable, not to mention that many great opportunities to learn or to work are available to everyone... but in English.

Taking all of that into consideration, it's conceivable that English is much more than a language. It's rather a key to unlock many doors to open the access to various life goals you may have. The future is in English.

Why English exams?

There are a few reasons why a goal "taking an exam of xx level" is better than "learning English". In the first place, goals need to be clear and measurable to be achievable. English qualifications cater for both - clarity and measurability. Moreover, statistics gathered by English exams providers reveal that students who take up exams as their goal improve their English faster and improve all their language skills - speaking, writing, reading and listening, as well as grammar and vocab.

As a LanguageCert Approved Test Centre not only can we provide learners with a compact and efficient solution in the form of Video Courses or Tutored Video Courses, preparing them for various exams, but also we can provide them with the possibility to take an exam of a chosen level (IESOL A1-C2) or a multi-level LanguageCert Test of English (LTE). In order to ensure fairness, the exams may be taken online with live proctors not related to LYNKO academy. However, if you prefer to take an exam in a more traditional form, that is in an exam centre, you can do it as well.

Preparing for the exam knowing exactly what skills you're supposed to demonstrate feels sometimes like a game. It's easy to achieve the next level knowing how many levels there are still ahead. What's more, if you practise with authentic exam exercises and you know how many more you have left to do, you'll find it gripping and hard to resist to keep "playing", a bit like an Xbox or Playstation games. And as practice makes progress and permanent, your English skills will significantly improve and you will feel it.


What’s on offer?

Our learning experiences are tailor-made solutions designed to:

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